Warehousing –

Need extra space? Thinnes can warehouse your freight short term or long term*.

House Trucks –
Thinnes can provide house trucks and drivers, specifically to move your freight only*.

*agreement or contract required

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured –
Thinnes maintains full coverage on our facility, equipment, employees and cargo.

Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Available
at our Terminal –

Certified Mechanic on Staff, Engine Rebuilds, Transmission Repairs, Differential Repairs, Brakes, Clutches and Oil Changes.
• Tractor Repair
• Trailer Repair
• Maintenance Program

The Nuts and Bolts...

About thinnes transport, inc.

Serving Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana

Thinnes Transport, Inc. Serving the Area for OVER 40 Years!





Expedited Service –
Available for those time sensitive shipments, via small cargo van for small shipments or tractor trailer for the larger shipments.

Same Day Service –
Call in your pickup by 8:00 a.m. with a ready time by 9:00 a.m. and we will deliver.

Local LTL and TL –
We provide LTL and TL service to all points listed here.

Intermodal Services –
Efficient and competitive container drayage from rail yard to your dock.

Local Shuttle and Spotting –
Thinnes can shuttle freight between your facilities or spot trailers between docks.

Drop Trailers –
Need a trailer dropped to load up for the next day shipment? Thinnes will drop at your request.

Storage Trailers –
Thinnes offers storage trailers at your location for short term or long term. We offer delivery and pick up of trailers*. 
*agreement or contract required